Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Program

A majority of the hospital’s MS efforts are inpatient rehabilitive in nature. The MS Comprehensive Care Center is the ambulatory or outpatient component.

Specialized MS inpatient rehab services include: medical intervention utilizing combination therapy treatments, rehab nursing services providing comprehensive clinical care, infusion of specialty medications, and patient and family education.

In addition to these core services, we pride ourselves in offering integrated team-orientated rehabilitation involving a minimum of three hours/day of physical, occupational, and recreational therapies; speech language pathology and swallowing services and life skills support; psychology services including neuropsychological assessment, and psychotherapy services as the patient’s needs determine.

Social Work Services provides extensive patient and family education and caregiver support as well as supportive and educational counseling that promotes maximal community reintegration.

In addition to the above, The Initiative for Women with Disabilities Elly and Steve Hammerman Health & Wellness Center (IWD)  is a multi-disciplinary center committed to providing respectful, high quality medical and gynecological services in a fully accessible environment for women with physical disabilities and chronic conditions. This is an especially valuable resource to our female patients with MS. For more information about the MS Inpatient Rehab Program, MS Admissions from home or physician offices, insurance coverage for MS hospitalizations, or other questions and concerns, contact Marc Samuels, Rehab Admission Manager at 212-598-6265.