Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center

The NYU Langone Medical Center’s Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Comprehensive Care Center provides state-of-the-art diagnostic evaluations and follow-up care to individuals with MS. The Center is located in the heart of culturally diverse New York City; and takes pride in the diversity and inclusiveness of the metropolis. Based on a comprehensive interdisciplinary model of individualized care, the Center features an onsite team of highly trained professionals, as well as extensive wellness programs to provide continuous and all-inclusive care to our clients.

The MS team is committed to its four-fold mission of providing the finest patient care, researching the cause and cure for MS, educating tomorrow's healthcare professionals, and reaching out to the communities of the patients we serve through wellness programs.

Dear Faculty, Friends, Colleagues and the MS Community,


It is with sorrow that we write to inform you of the passing of Joseph Herbert, MD, professor of Neurology and Director of the Medical Center’s Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Comprehensive Care Center. Dr. Herbert passed surrounded by his loving family, following a heroic fight with cancer.

Dr. Herbert’s passion for MS care led to his team’s achievement of a remarkable goal: the creation of one of the world’s first comprehensive MS centers. The world-class MS Center that he built from the ground up, nearly single-handedly at first, has forever changed the lives of people with MS and those who care for them. 

Guiding the MS Care Center brilliantly for the past two decades as a model for others to follow, Dr. Herbert’s empathy and humanity is treasured by thousands of patients as well as his colleagues. His creative and relentless pursuit of every therapeutic option, boundless intellectual curiosity, and love of teaching are a continuous inspiration to all who have been part of Dr. Herbert’s legacy. 

The MS Care Center is committed to providing patients with the best care possible in Dr. Herbert’s honor.

Please check this website for updates and information about a memorial service.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Erica Horowitz, Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center Project Coordinator, at 646-501-7535 or