Clinical Trials and Research Studies

A very active research program is part of the MS Care Center’s mission to investigate diagnostics and drugs that could prove to be helpful in treatment and, perhaps, eventual cure of MS.


This study compares treating patients with Avonex, Copaxone, or both of these medications together. The goal is to determine whether the combination of Avonex and Copaxone will reduce the number of relapses per year in patients with relapsing-remitting MS.


In this study, subjects with different forms of MS receive complimentary MRIs as well as cognitive and neurological testing. The purpose of this study is to develop new magnetic resonance (imaging) methods to evaluate MS and increase the knowledge about this disease.

Timed Tandem Walk

Tandem walking is walking "heel to toe" along a straight line; at each step the heel of one foot touches the toe of the other foot. This study tests whether a timed tandem walk is more sensitive to mild changes in neurologic function than other available measures. Clinical measures of neurological conditions are extremely important.


The New York State Multiple Sclerosis Consortium involves a collaboration of 17 MS centers in New York State. The purpose of the consortium is to obtain a more accurate understanding of MS in terms of prevalence, demographics, type of MS, functional capabilities, laboratory findings, and treatment regimes.

For more information, please contact our Research Team at (212) 598-6305.